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My thesis was finished in 2003. Since then science has moved on and this is manifested in the relevant literature. I have therefore decided to conduct some literuature research which goes back (mainly) to the year 2000. Naturally, during this research I came across plenty of books and journals and I thought it a good idea to list these in a "library". The interested reader can there use the search engine and can search for author and words that he expects to occur in the title of a book or journal as well as the year to have the latest developments. Since this search engine cannot provide a list of all the journals I have used, a separate list is provided. It is the nature of these hings that they can never be completed. They will be constantly updated. Due to the vast amount of literature I had to select, this selection is arbitrary and does not imply a particular importance compared with those that could not be included.

There is also a forum for interested readers who would like to contribute to this endeavor by providing suggestions, critique and the sharing of their own experiences.



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